Depression has become a very alarming health issue. It is affecting people from all walks of life. Work stress, emotional issues, personal problems, some major illness etc. can be some major causes leading to depression. Usually, people think that depression is an untreatable disease, but it is treatable like any other health issue. CBD is one such remedy that can prove to be highly helpful in the treatment of Depression. Let us know about CBD for Depression further in the article:

What is Depression?

Depression can be considered a medical illness which can create an impact on your lifestyle. It is a state of feeling sad, low and negative about yourself as well as the surroundings near you.
According to NCHS Data of 2014, Depression is a serious medical illness with mood, cognitive, and physical symptoms. Depression is associated with higher rates of chronic disease, increased health care utilization, and impaired functioning. It states that From 2009–2012, 7.6% of Americans aged 12 and over had depression (moderate or severe depressive symptoms in the past two weeks).

Symptoms of Depression:

The symptoms of depression are usually different from person to person. So some of the major symptoms of depression are:
Feeling of Sadness.
Changes in appetite.
Weight Loss.
Loss of interest in activities
Loss of energy.
Feeling of Guilty.

If you feel any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, then it can be a cause of Depression.

CBD for Depression Treatment

Usually, Depression is treated via Psychotherapy and medications such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety etc.

CBD has become one of the most powerful organic cannabinoids to treat a wide variety of health issues such as Anxiety, mood swings, epileptic seizures and more. It is now also being used by people to treat their depression.
According to many studies, CBD for Depression can help reduce the symptoms of depression as well as help people cope up with it.
A study conducted in 2014, states that CBD has antidepressant properties. A research was done on mice which showed lesser instances of depression in them when treated with CBD.

It is said CBD could interact with the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the Endocannabinoid System. An imbalance of serotonin receptors can cause depression which can be triggered by CBD.
CBD can also act on various symptoms of depression and provide relief in that such as mood swings, pain relief, anxiety, appetite loss, sleep etc.


Thus, we can conclude that CBD has potential in treating Depression and its symptoms. It is non-psychoactive and will never induce a high in you. If studied properly it can prove to be an effective antidepressant medication.

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Jacob Gray is a professor from University Of Torronto . He is a medical researcher and a professional blogger who feels the power in his writings.

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