In this article, I will tell you all about the symptoms and causes of PTSD. You will also read about CBD and how CBD can help new moms in reducing the symptoms of PTSD, so let’s begin with the causes and symptoms of PTSD.

PTSD: Causes & Symptoms

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Causes: PTSD

PTSD can be triggered after the stressful, distressing and frightening event. Here are some common events which can lead to PTSD.

  1. Having a serious road accident
  2. Suffer from personal assaults such as mugging or sexual assault
  3. Witnessing deaths of loved ones
  4. Being part of military combat
  5. Being hostage or under terrorist attack
  6. Diagnosis of any life-threatening condition
  7. Becoming a mother for the first time
  8. Having financial and emotional stress in a family
  9. Constant health disorder

Symptoms: PTSD

Symptoms related to Post-traumatic stress disorder can be seen within a month of any traumatic event in some cases, symptoms appear after one year. The symptoms of PTSD are classified under four sections: intrusive memories, change in the emotional and physical reaction, change in mood & way of thinking, and avoidance.

Symptoms related to intrusive memories

  1. Flashbacks of the traumatic event
  2. Having dreams and nightmares of the traumatic event
  3. Having emotional distress and different physical reaction when someone reminds you about the traumatic event


  1. You often try to avoid thinking and talking about distress event
  2. You avoid places and activities of people that remind you about distress event

Change in mood and way of thinking

  1. You start having a negative thought about the world and people
  2. You become hopeless about your future
  3. Having difficulty in maintaining a close relationship with your loved ones
  4. You develop a lack of interest in activities once you used to enjoy
  5. Becoming emotionally numb and having difficulty in expressing positive emotions

Change in emotional and physical reaction

  1. Having trouble sleeping and concentrating
  2. Having self-destructive behavior
  3. Having a constant feeling of anger and aggression

Use of CBD in PTSD

CBD is cannabidiol which is found in a different strain of the hemp plant. CBD is non psychoactive in nature which means it has no strain of THC and it can’t get you high. CBD is extracted through different process like olive oil extraction method, dry ice extraction method, ethanol extraction method, and CO2 extraction method. The extracted CBD is available in different forms like powder, wax, oil, tincture, and isolate. With the advancement in the medical industry, CBD is used for treating different medical conditions like anxiety, stress, bipolar, cancer, herpes, chronic pain, diabetes and many more. Now let me tell you how CBD helps in reducing the symptoms of PTSD.

Our body has an endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating mood, stress, hunger, and energy. When you consume CBD it activates CB1 and CB2 receptors which are located in the core of the endocannabinoid system. In PTSD medical condition use of CBD helps in increasing the level of anandamide hormone and this hormone is responsible for regulating mood, anxiety, stress, and happiness. Anandamides is a natural antidepressant chemical substance when you consume CBD CB1 receptors in your body turn off the traumatic memories which can help in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. CBD is sedative in nature which can help in improving your sleep if you are suffering from PTSD.

Conclusion On CBD For PTSD

PTSD is a very serious mental health disorder if proper care is not given then it can take chronic form. The cause of PTSD is related to any distressing event in your life. If you are not satisfied by the result of medicines then you can use CBD as an alternative to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. CBD has shown positive evidence in treating PTSD, CBD suppresses the chemical reaction which is responsible for stress and anxiety.

I hope I have covered all the important topics related to PTSD & CBD then also if you have any questions then please leave it in the comment section.

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Jacob Gray is a professor from University Of Torronto . He is a medical researcher and a professional blogger who feels the power in his writings.

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