Hemp extracts are getting the attention of researchers. Though it has been used for time immemorial, the therapeutic uses are getting explored with each passing day. Surveys, reviews of the users as well as clinical studies back the health benefits of non-psychoactive CBD oil. But one thing that you might still be confused with is how to use CBD oil for maximum effectiveness.
Well, there are many ways to use hemp oil. You can put it under your tongue directly. The hemp oil can also be used as recipes and smoothies. In addition to these edible forms. The ready-made capsules are also available. And of course, there are CBD infused creams, salves, and ointments available too that you can apply topically.
But what if you need immediate results. Vaping hemp CBD extracts can be one great way to experience fast results.

Why Vaping Offers Faster Results

Vaping hemp liquid is a great way to experience the benefits faster. The reason is the potent matter of hemp extracts reaches directly your bloodstream. On the other hand, when you use hemp edibles like capsules it goes through the entire digestive system. It involves multiple steps so it takes a bit longer to experience the health benefits of CBD oil. The bioavailability or the entire effective CBD content is also higher in case of vaping.

So by now, you are familiar with why vaping can be a good option to consume CBD. Let’s discuss how you can vape hemp liquid.

Introducing KandyPens Rubi Vape Pen

It is a 4 inches tall device to inhale hemp extracts. It has an open pod system means you can use any type of oil extract in it. Thus you are not limited to one option as in the case of pre-filled version. Other appealing features include dry hit proof, leak proof, and spit-back proof. The rounded edges make it more convenient to inhale the hemp content from the mouthpiece.
Refilling your pod is easy with this device. You need to just twist off the rubber stopper to open it and put the nozzle of the hemp liquid(e-liquid) bottle in the pod. So it was a small introduction to Rubi vaporizers for vaping CBD liquids.
As far as instructions for use of vaping CBD are concerned, we have tried to compile a shortlist on it. It will be able to help you have a wonderful vaping experience whether you are using it for medicinal or recreational objectives.
Here we go.

Rubi Vape Instructions

Rubi vape pen is a versatile device. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a beginner too. However, when you have a prior knowledge about its use you can have a much greater experience.

Administer Your Actual Dosage

Rubi vape pen offers a robust way to calculate your precise dosage of CBD. This way by experimenting a bit you will be able to find out your exact quantity. Simply inhale a small quantity(as puff) at the start. Then analyze what effect you had with this amount. Keep on increasing the number of puffs according to your medical condition and body chemistry.

Filling And Refilling The Liquid Pods

It is very convenient to fill and refill the hemp content in the pods. After an intense research, buy an organic hemp liquid or hemp CBD oil. You will see a rubber stopper in the side of the pod. Pull it off. Fill the liquid in a needle-tip dropper and release the liquid in the pod.
The users have found many advantages associated with Rbi vape refilling. You’ll see no leakages of liquids, no wet contacts, and no condensation issues too. Also, you won’t find spit backs and dry hits. Altogether it is such a luxury to have.

Ensuring Best Vapor Quality

Rubi vape pen uses OCELL ceramic coil technology. The pods come with a ceramic coil which is wrapped in organically made Japanese cotton. This cotton ceramic combination allows optimal flavors of the hemp extract with a little combustion. The ceramic used is cent percent pure which is inert by nature. This quality of ceramic ensures your vapor quality is not adulterated with unwanted tastes.

Conserving Battery

KandyPens made Rubi vaporisers can be recharged with a universal micro-USB port. On an average, you can take 50 draws per charge. And since the battery is air-activated, there is no need to power the unit on and hold the power button while you take a puff. Inhaling itself will heat the system to deliver smooth and potent vapor.
The feature of 8-second auto-shut off helps conserve battery by turning the unit off when not in use.

Final Thoughts on Rubi Vape Instructions

So these were a few Rubi vape instructions for a consistent flavorful vaping experience. This device is extremely easy to use even for beginners of CBD vaping. In addition, the portability, small size, lightweight and buttonless system makes it a great alternative to pill bottles. The vaping method is great for those who want to see immediate results such as pain management and anxiety relieving situations. If you suffer from any breathing disorder, it is advisable to consult your doctor first before vaping CBD. In those cases, you can use CBD edibles or capsules which are readily available in the health stores or online.

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